A new site, a new beginning

A new site, a new beginning

I’ll be back, and I am

Hello. I am Dan.

It has been literally years since I last did one of these. Have a website, blog.

I’m no stranger to blogging, done so in high school with blogspot, and following that in my university days using WordPress, dabbling in getting my betterdanthis.com domain name for the first time. Then losing interest in blogging as a whole.

After letting the domain name ownership expire, someone else bought the domain, and it remained in their ownership for a few years after. Guess they thought I was a business that might buy the domain name over from them, but well, their fruitless endeavour and my patience has somewhat paid off. Because they gave up renewing this year, and here I am again, back with betterdanthis.com in my possession and with some plans to boot.

El Plan

As with all plans, some might be a stretch, and some might not even come to fruition at all. I figured I should give it a shot either ways, and list them down here, not so much for accountability, but to look back at and see how much of these ideas I’ll be able to accomplish in due course.


I’d like to think of the new iteration of betterdanthis.com to be a mash between my professional and personal life, where one can take a peek into both worlds of mine and how it’ll intersect via this site. Here is where you’ll be able to you’ll see what I do on both the professional end as well as what I do for fun.


Keeping active here will involve my blogging more often. I’m guessing I’ll stick to current musings, updates, set up tours, gadget pictures, and just what goes on in my mind as a constant posting. I’m inspired by my good buddy Lester (lesterchan.net) and how he keeps his constant posting, it’s simple enough with pictures to tell the story of the new gadgets he gets, making for an easy read. Let’s just hope that I’m able to keep a cadence of posts like he does, and not have the blog fall by the wayside after awhile.

Community consulting

Community is at the core of what I do as a profession, and over the years I have built up experience and resources. I’d like to turn that into something that I can potentially help and support companies achieve clarity in their community building strategies. This is still in the works, but I’m excited to share more with you once more gets locked down.

92nd Division

Started in 2012, mired with my bad decisions and lack of business acumen previously, and stuck in limbo for the past couple of years. I’m deciding that the identity crisis for the company should stop, and come up with new plans to re-invigorate life into the idea. More ideas and try outs to come via the Blog, and maybe it’ll be awesome to take you on the journey with me on that.

Let’s keep going

Amongst all the plans you’ve seen earlier, there will be more to come, and I can’t wait to go on this journey again. Keeping the management of time for all of these, along with my work, hobbies, twitch streaming, youtubing, and more, is going to be challenging.

And take the challenge we shall.


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